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Throughout my 18 year career, I’ve had a lot of different coaches. Some people think that it is a negative thing, and they are, in one way a bit right since as didn’t give me stability, mostly during my teenage years.

That being said, I now have realized how fortunate I am to have been able to work with so many different coaching styles. My training program changed quite a bit every time I changed coaches, and I came to a point that I could really know what was working well on me and what wasn’t.

A couple years before the 2012 Olympics, I really started to take total control over my own programming. It was a hard but great journey to learn how to be able to combine both roles (athlete and coach). I was getting really good to designing my training program, but I had a harder time to do the day to day coaching in training. I use my iPad a lot to do the technical analyses, but it was still pretty hard.

That is how I came to the conclusion that even if I do my own programs and control most of my coaching tasks, I still needed extra help.

The first person that step up and was ready to help was obviously my husband, Walter Bailey, fellow athlete. He became my competition coach and was able to complete my video analyses and help me technically during training. He made my athlete life way easier as well as he took control over a big part of the paper work I had to do.

Six months before London, I started to work with Jeane Lassen. She always looked over my training program, gave me great advice and helped me mentally when I needed it. She is just great, nothing else to say!

Walter Bailey


Besides being my husband since June 11, 2011, Walter is my coach and the person with whom I spend most of my time. He assists me technically and guides me in every aspect of my life as an athlete. He organizes all of my training camps and without his help and support I would be completely lost! He is also the chairman of the British Columbia Weightlifting Association, witch proves that he is really dedicated to our sport.

Jeane Lassen

For an impressive number of years, Jeane was part of the best lifters in Canada and in the World and I admire her as a person just as much as I admire her sport career. It is in December 2011 when we were at the Olympic Test Event that we started to work together. For years, we were both making our own programs without knowing it. When we found out, we decided to start working together, which was the best decision of my career! She changed for the better the way I was getting ready for London by helping me to create my weekly program, my yearly program as well as helping me mentally go through some hard times that the life of an athlete can bring. I know that as long as I will be an athlete, she will be there to help me reach my goals and this is something rare and really precious to me.

Surrounded with this team, I know I have one of the best set up possible to get me ready for Rio 2016!

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