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On my way to London, I was doing about half of my training in a little car port that we turned into a gym; It was cold, humid and small, but it was enough for me to train in.


When I cam back from London, I decided that I would keep training, but I was mentally done training in that little place, and my body started to need a bit more: more heat, less humidity and a better floor to be more gentle on my joins. That is how my husband and I decided to start building our own gym; a place for me to train and to coach out of! We also find the perfect name for it: Christine Girard’s PR Factory!

  • The floor is built with 5 inches of re-enforce concret, 3 inches of wood witch are covered by rubber. No matter where you stand in the gym, you can drop weight on a straight floor! And the wood make if a lot better for your joins.
  • The walls are 6 inches thick, to keep the sounds in, so our neighbours will still talk to us!
  • Wall heather/ AC unit to keep the room at the perfect temperature anytime of the year.
  • Lots of windows, so you train under naturel light most of the time.
  • All equipments are specific to Olympic lifting; good quality of bars and weights make a big difference when comes time to do heavy snatches and heavy clean and jerk.
  • Basically, if you are an Olympic weightlifter or want to learn that sport, Christine Girard’s PR Factory is a place you want to try out!

View of the PR Factory from my house…probably the only gym build specially for Olympic lifting!!!


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