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One day clinic:

In my one day clinic, I really focus on teaching the proper technique for our two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. Starting with a presentation, we go over every important position of the lift in theory before going into it with a proper warm up and a really specific training. The morning is focused on the snatch and the afternoon is reserved for the clean & jerk.

Between the two session, right after lunch, I do a presentation about my life from Bejing 2008 to London 2012 including everything it took me to go from a fourth place to a podium finish. This part is optional, but it answers a lot of the regular questions I get (diet, training regime, financial…).


Snatch Clinic:

A full day focusing on the most technical lift! We obviously go over the technical important points, but we will go more into the different mistake people usually do, and I will give you a list of exercises to work on those specific weaknesses. After the theory, we will be practicing all of those movements and we will be making sure everyone understand them properly. We will also do video analysis of the group lifts at the end of every session, so the participant can learn to teach himself, or others, with video analysis.


Clean and Jerk Clinic:

There is lots to learn and teach about those two lifts! Once we review the technique for the lifts, we will also go over the most common mistakes, and I will give you a few exercises to work on correcting those mistakes. We will have two training sessions in the day, each of one followed with video analysis of the group, so the participant can learn to teach himself, or others, with video analysis.


For more information about the weightlifting clinics, don’t hesitate to email me at : christinegirard@msn.com

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