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Since London, life has been busy for me; I competed in France, I coached at a lot of different crossfit gyms and lead different weightlifting programs at the Richmond Olympic Oval and at Crossfit Vancouver; I started my own club, the Kilophile Weightlifting club who won the best team trophy at the last two Provincial. I also had to deal with a knee injury in 2013 that took a long time to heal! And as my knee got better in 2014, I became pregnant! Definitely, my life change quite a bit!

All of that helped me learn a lot about myself, about my sport, about crossfit, and about life in general. These experiences also made me realize how much I have learned throughout my journey to my Olympic medal in London in 2012, and I decided it was about time for me to share more of what I’ve learned thru coaching.

I’m really grateful to be able to coach many different groups of athletes that vary from teens to master athletes and from beginners to national level athletes. They all teach me, may be even as much as I teach them, and they make me reconnect to the athlete that I use to be when I was 10 years old as well as the one I was not so long ago while getting ready for London. It keeps me connected to all the experiences that made me who I am, and it is with a lot of fun that I am sharing that with my clients.



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