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After the Olympic in London, I can’t count the number of people that ask me what was going on with my feet during the competition. I didn’t get the question at first, and then, once I watch the video of my 6 attempts on the platform and realize how often my husband yell me some cues about my feet, I understood why they were asking. It was a crazy amount of time, but frankly, it seemed completely normal at the time!

For the snatch as well as for the clean and the jerk, the feet movement is really important. Your feet are the only parts of your body allowed to touch the platform, and the base of your stability. Knowing how to position your feet will bring you strength and power, and knowing how to move them properly will give you great stability.

At the starting position, you feet should be in a slightly angled position with your heels under your hip. After the pull, while you are getting under the bar, you should be moving your feet so your heels are a bit farter apart, so your hips can get deeper into the squat motion. Also, it is better if your feet land completely flat: it will give you way more stability then if you land on your toes first.

That being said, when my husband and coach is yelling me to move my feet, or to have big feet, it help me focusing on that important part of the movement. The chances are that if you cut your pull, you have less time for your transition and you might not have enough time to move your feet properly and be in a solid catching position.

For me, when I heard those cues, it always make me finish my pull better and allow me to have a better catching position, witch is, as you know, really important for heavy lift! So to answer all those person that asked me the question, nothing was wrong about my feet….but “Big feet” help me focus on finishing the pull so I could make those lifts when I had to. Hey, they say whatever works for you is good, right?

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