‘’Today I do what other people won’t, so tomorrow I can do what other people can’t”

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My journey from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where I finished 4th to the London Olympics last summer wasn’t a easy one. Of course, you would say, it can’t be easy to get to that level. Most people will assume with good reason that Olympians are hard workers, that they are passionate with great discipline and that they never stop no matter what is in front of them.

For the most part, this is true, that is how we are. Somehow, we turn stubbornness into a great quality! No matter what people say or think, we keep walking on our path knowing, most of the time, that it is where we are meant to go.

The feeling of knowing you are where you have to be in life is great, but unfortunately doesn’t stay with us all the time…and then everything can seem blurry and confusing.

After Beijing, my life turned up side down and everything changed for me; I moved from Québec to BC, left behind my family and my friends, lost my coach, changed languages with a new language that I had to learn, lost my training facility and everything I had ever known. All that to follow the love of my life! Crazy things what men can make us do, eh?

When I was training alone in my carport (turned into a gym), I really didn’t have the feeling that I was doing what I was meant to be doing. I knew somehow that most people wouldn’t be training alone to help them go through all of these changes, and that somehow I had to be a bit crazy to keep training with the pain and the cold…

But one day, I read this quote:

“Today I do what other people won’t, so tomorrow I can do what other people can’t”
and I realized that it was exactly what I was doing. I was doing what most people wouldn’t do, and I knew inside that it would bring me to be the first female Canadian to win an Olympic medal in weightlifting.

That little sentence just kept me going, and helped me make some sense of all that craziness that came with all the changes in my life. So remember, when you are doing something that most people wouldn’t do, you might just be opening some doors of opportunity for yourself…either that, or you are just being silly, but silly can sometime be really rewarding!! J

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